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Paranormal Research Study

Attention all paranormal investigators, teams, mediums, psychics and solo investigators...

We are conducting a groundbreaking and exciting paranormal research study at the Historic Scott County Jail and we invite you to be a part of it! The study will take place through May 31, 2022. Anyone who books a private paranormal investigation can participate. As part of this study, you will be given access to a unique container with an undisclosed item(s). Using paranormal tools and techniques, you will be able to investigate to see if you can find answers relating to the item(s).


If my team has booked a private paranormal investigation, does that include the investigation of the object? 

Yes! If you choose to participate in our paranormal research study and you have booked a private 6.5 hour investigation, you will have access to the item and will be able to investigate it during your scheduled investigation at no extra charge.

What if I'm not part of an investigation team or don't want to book a full 6.5 hour investigation?

No problem! You don't have to be part of a team or book a private paranormal investigation to participate in the study. We are also offering 1-hour long investigation sessions with the item. Subject to rules, regulations and date availability.


How much does a 1-hour item investigation session cost?

A 1-hour Item investigation Session is $50+tax. This is not an investigation of the jail. It is an investigation of the item and participation in our research study. Contact us for more details and to schedule your 1-hour mini investigation research session with the item by calling 423-663-5353 or through email.