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Paranormal Tours &
Private Investigations

Built in 1904, this former jail housed some of the worst inmates from Scott County. With a history that includes the unsolved murder of a sheriff, lynching of inmates, and numerous men and women housed within its cells, the walls of the Historic Scott County Jail have a storied history to tell. Paranormal enthusiasts are welcome to tour this facility in an attempt to make contact with its reported resident spirits on a private paranormal investigation, a private ghost hunt or a public ghost hunt led by one of our professional paranormal investigators.

Paranormal investigators travel from all over the country to investigate the jailhouse museum. Visit the Historic Scott County Jail YouTube channel to watch some of their videos and see their evidence captures.


Further inquiries can be submitted to History, Highways, and Haunts, LLC via email (

*Accessibility: For wheelchairs and scooters, the second and third floors of the Historic Scott County Jail are not accessible. These floors are accessed by a staircase that we consider moderately strenuous. Assistance and service dogs, are the only animals that are allowed to enter the historic structure.

Private Paranormal Investigations:
Professional paranormal investigators, ages 18+, are welcome
to book a private paranormal investigation at the Historic Scott

County Jail.


  • Your group will have access to all 3 levels of the jail from 8:30pm to 3:00am, a tour of the jail will begin at 8:30pm where we will share the history and paranormal hot spots.

  • The jail is equipped with electricity, heat and AC, and a restroom facility. Please keep in mind, our facility is an historic location built out of stone and even with heat, it tends to be on the cooler side. So please dress warmly if you are cold natured.

  • Cost: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights - $450 (+ state and local sales tax) per team. Price is for up to 8 people max. Non-refundable deposit of $100 is due at time of booking. Final balance is due in CASH upon your arrival. Must have exact amount as change will not be given. 

  • Please make sure the date you choose is at least 3 days from the current date. (For example, if today is the 1st, do not book anything earlier than the 4th.)

  • Bookings are for professional paranormal teams/individuals and spots cannot be individually re-sold for that team's profit or billed as an event.

  • For investigation rules, please see the Paranormal Tour FAQs listed below.

Public Guided Ghost Hunts:
We welcome paranormal enthusiasts, of all skill levels. Must be 18 years of age. We will allow 16+ when accompanied by a parent for the Guided Ghost Hunts Only. Occasionally we offer public guided ghost hunts.

  • Limited to only 6 participants, the guided ghost hunts will allow you to investigate in a relaxed and personal setting.

  • There must be a minimum of 2 people for tour to commence. If 2-person minimum is not met, the tour will  be canceled and money will be refunded.

  • Our experienced paranormal investigators have a combined total of 25 years of investigation experience and will provide a tour of the jail, along with an overview of paranormal investigation techniques. 

  • After a 2-hour group investigation, you will be allowed to investigate on your own for 1-hour, with the professional investigators staying onsite to provide assistance.

Public Ghost Hunt Announcement.jpg

Private Guided Ghost Hunts:
Want to make a guided ghost hunt private for just you and your friends? If you have a small group of 4 to 6 people and would like to schedule a private guided ghost hunt with our professional investigators, we can customize a guided ghost hunt on a date that's not on the public event calendar. You MUST purchase 4 tickets in order to make the guided ghost hunt private. Click the link below to see our available dates. If there is a date you want and you don't see it on our calendar, call us at 423-663-5353 or email us at Dates subject to availability.

*Accessibility: For wheelchairs and scooters, the second and third floors of the Historic Scott County Jail are not accessible. These floors are accessed by a staircase that we consider moderately strenuous. Assistance and service dogs, are the only animals that are allowed to enter the historic structure.
  • Can my team have more than 8 people on the investigation?
    Yes, but each additional person over the 8, will be charged $25 per person. Due to the location size, there is a 10 person maximum.
  • If I book a private paranormal investigation, can I resell individual tickets to the general public?
    No, any team or group that books a private paranormal investigation cannot resell tickets for a profit (ie: above the amount of booking the investigation). It is allowable to sell tickets to get up to the booking fee amount, but making a profit from any investigation is expressly prohibited. If any team or group is found to be in violation of this policy, they will be asked to leave the property without a refund and/or permanently trespassed from the property.
  • Will a Historic Scott County Jail representative be on site during our investigation?
    Yes. Due to the fact that the jail is also serving as a functional museum, a representative will be onsite during the night. However, the representative will be in a closed office space and will in no way interfere with your investigation.
  • Will my team be given a tour of the jail before our investigation?
    Yes, your investigation will begin with a brief tour of the jail. You can choose whether to know the location of paranormal "hot spots" or if you just want to know the history of the jail. Should you wish to take a tour prior to your investigation, you can stop by during our daily business hours. Daytime general admission ticket prices will apply.
  • What is prohibited?
    Drug, alcohol, fireworks, beer, wine, tasers, or weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited.
  • Are Ouija Boards allowed?
    No. During the investigation, Ouija Boards, open flames, seances, conjuring, sage burning or cleansing are NOT allowed.
  • Can investigators sleep overnight in the jail?
    At this time, the jail is not equipped for overnight accommodations. Should you need recommendations, please message us for information.
  • Is there electricity in the jail?
    Yes, the jail has electrical outlets throughout which you are free to use.
  • Can I cancel my investigation?
    Yes, but please note that the $100 deposit is non-refundable. If there is inclement weather predicted for our location, management will reach out to you to discuss options.
  • Do you book more than one investigation during the night?
    No, once you reserve a date for your team, the jail is reserved solely for your team from 8:30pm -3:00am the following day.
  • Is smoking allowed?
    No. The Historic Scott County Jail is a strict no smoking and no vaping facility. A smoking area, approximately 50 yards away from the building, will be pointed to you once you arrive.
  • How should we dress?
    The Historic Scott County Jail is a climate controlled facility with heat and AC. Please keep in mind, our facility is an historic location, built out of stone. Even with heat, the building tends to be on the cooler side. Please dress warmly if you are cold natured. We strongly recommend closed toe shoes; no flip flops or sandals.
  • Is the 2nd and 3rd floor handicapped accessible?
    No. The 2nd and 3rd floors are only accessible via a stairway, which is considered moderately strenuous.
  • Is there an age restriction on investigators?
    Yes. All investigators must be at least 18 years of age. On select dates during the year, we will hold Junior Investigations for those 18 years of age or young (please see the calendar).
  • Will we have to fill out a waiver?
    Yes. All investigators must fill out a waiver/acknowledgment form in the presence of the onsite representative.
  • Is there parking?
    Yes. The Historic Scott County Jail has a dedicated parking lot.
  • When should we arrive?
    You will have access to the jail at 8:30pm EST on your scheduled date.
  • Can I hold a for-profit event at the jail?
    Yes, with management pre-approval, for-profit events can be held at the jail. Please contact us to discuss details and event proposal.
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